A Minute With Brenda

?Brenda Doody is leading the Back2Back Team on their 26 hour challenge to run 2 miles in 26 different counties to help raise funds for a new Fluoroscopy X-Ray Unit for the Mercy’s Centre for Gastroenterology. Here Brenda answers all your questions about Back2Back…

Q.?What should my personal best be (for a 5K, 10K etc.)?

?No PB required…and I can’t stress this enough!?

Q. I haven?t done a marathon before ? will I be able for this?

This is about endurance once you have the motivation and stamina to continue to run 2 miles in each county you will be more than able!

Q. What kind of time are we allowing for each 2 mile run?

Maximum 30 minutes (very manageable!).

Q. What kind of training should I be doing from now on?

Just maintain your fitness level – aim to do 4 miles without stopping.

Q. What do I pack for the Back2Back? ?

Water, food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course some midnight snacks. A towel and a change of clothes will be handy and don’t forget to pack plenty of socks!!

Q. Should I bring things like protein bars and gels?

If protein bars and gels are what?you are used to then yes, bring these. Please do not try any new foods on the day though! Treat this like a normal run?only it will be a lot more fun!

Q. What should my personal best be for a marathon ? or does it matter? ?

You do not have to be a marathon runner to take part, once you can maintain a steady pace for 2 miles walk/jog/run you will be more than capable of taking part. This is guaranteed to be a fun event, a once in a lifetime opportunity and most importantly we’ll be raising much needed funds for equipment that will help cancer patients in Munster…it’s a win win really!?

Q. Is it too late to register? ?

There are limited spaces available so get registered quickly.?

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the challenge? ?

26 hours on a bus touring around Ireland – how many times will we ever have an opportunity to do that?

Q. What do you think will be the most difficult part of the challenge? ?

Getting out of the bus at?3am ?in Monaghan or Donegal and running 2 miles 🙂