The Mercy Cancer CARE Centre

The Mercy Cancer CARE Centre

With one in three of us expected to have cancer at some point in our lives, it is likely we, or someone close to us, will have the experience of sitting in a consultation room and being given devastating news. At The Mercy, we want to make sure that this news is told in the most supportive environment possible. We are building a new Cancer CARE Centre next to the Mercy Hospital that will provide a quiet safe place for patients and their families. We still have lots of work to do to make the Cancer CARE Centre a reality and we cannot do it without your help.

C for compassion

A for advice

R for re-assurance

E is for empowerment – empowering patients to deal with their illness.

Cancer CARE Centre Update:

Mercy University Hospital Foundation Secure Location for
Cancer CARE Centre

The Mercy University Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce the acquisition of a new premises for its development of a dedicated Cancer CARE Centre. Permission has been granted by Cork City Council to the Mercy University Hospital Foundation to use the existing building as a Cancer CARE Centre which will support the needs of cancer patients and their families dealing with the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

The building, which is located at number 9 Dyke Parade and a minutes walk away from both the main hospital and the Outpatient Department, will be transformed into a non-clinical facility to provide a quiet and safe place for patients and families to access an increasingly necessary range of services to support those affected by a cancer diagnosis.

The establishment of a dedicated Cancer CARE Centre has been a long-term objective of the Mercy University Hospital Foundation, and following a number of setbacks over the past number of years, securing a suitable building in close proximity to the Mercy University Hospital is a huge step forward. In January of 2018, the Mercy University Foundation was granted planning approval by Cork City Council for a Cancer CARE Centre on Woods Street, but this was overturned following an appeal to An Bord Pleanála by a local property owner.

Following the setbacks, the Mercy University Hospital Foundation continued to drive forward in their quest to secure a suitable premises for this much-needed service for the people of Cork and further afield affected by cancer. The Mercy University Hospital Foundation received a huge amount of support from donors backing their plans and to date, €1.35 million has been raised.

Commenting on the acquisition, Paschal McCarthy, CEO of the Mercy University Hospital Foundation said,

Creating a dedicated Cancer CARE Centre has been a long term plan of the Mercy University Hospital Foundation and we are delighted to have secured a suitable building to progress to the next stage. Unfortunately, we faced a number of obstacles along the way but we never lost determination as we know how important it is to be able to provide the patients of the Mercy University Hospital with a service like this. I would like to thank everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts to date as without their help, none of this would be possible.”

While planning permission has already been granted by Cork City Council to use the existing 3,000 sq ft building as a Cancer CARE Centre, the site offers greater opportunities to develop the centre even further. The design phase of the site will begin in August and subject to this, the Mercy University

How much do we still have to raise?

To date €1.35 million has been raised for the Cancer CARE Centre. the project is expected to cost €2.4 million so we still need to raise a further €1 million. Thank you so much for your support. Together, we can give our patients and their families the support they need on their cancer journey.

Moya’s sister, Aileen, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Here is her family’s story…

AileenandMoya2“Why not me?”

These were the incredible words of my sister Aileen, when she was diagnosed out of the blue at the age of 29 with terminal cancer. Choking back the tears, I had asked, “Why you? Why did this have to happen to you?” And that was her simple reply. “Why not me?” But then that was Aileen. She loved life. She literally had one of those smiles that lit up a room. She was just 30 when she died.That year, as she received treatment at The Mercy, the doctors and nurses didn’t just help her physically. They helped her – and our whole family – emotionally too. But it wasn’t easy.

As a family, we spent so much time together with Aileen in the Hospital. We ended up loitering in the halls, or standing at the coffee machine. I remember when we were told the chemo wasn’t working. I started to cry, but Aileen preferred positivity so we tried not to get too upset in front of her. I got up and left the room to let it all out in private. But I had nowhere to go. So I ended up crouched in the corridor with my back against the wall, with everyone walking past me and I just cried until I was able to calm down.

Every day in The Mercy, someone needs a place to go to cry, or calm down, or talk to someone, or gather their wits or learn more about what is happening. The Mercy Cancer CARE Centre will be that place. We are asking for support. Please will you say ‘Why not me?

Moya has written many poems since Aileen died to help her with the grief, and to remember the amazing person she was. We hope you enjoy this one…


To change a life

by Moya Muldowney

To support a life in faith alone;

building a bridge on ones own.

She wove a brighter destiny

between the stars, herself and me.

Her fingers cold, held my hand,

whilst we struggled to understand.

A smile unfailing on her face

held us firm in her heart’s embrace.

She fought a battle; she did fall.

We supported her through it all.

In one weak moment, we did ask,

“why was she given this task”.

Her eyes shone pure with honesty,

her voice replied, “why not me?”

In that moment, humbled by she,

my life changed; she changed me.

You can also make a donation by ringing 021-4274076 or by sending a cheque/postal order to Mercy Hospital Foundation, 4 Washington Street West, Cork.