Christmas Light Shows Raise Over ?10,400

The Mercy Hospital Foundation would like to extend a special thank you to two very generous families who lit up their homes and shared the spectacle with their communities in aid of the Mercy over the Christmas holidays. Together, the Muldowney family from Cobh and the Carey family from Youghal raised a staggering ?10,455.33 for The Mercy Cancer Appeal.

The Muldowney Family

Over the festive season, the Muldowney household in Cobh was illuminated, with a special lights and Christmas music show nightly. The light show was free of charge, but people were invited to donate, with the total of ?6,413.93 raised going directly to the Mercy Oncology Unit and Chaplaincy.?The interest in our Christmas light show was tremendous and I would like to thank all those families who came out and supported such a worthy cause through their generous donations ? real people making a real difference. You never know when cancer may come to your door and you may need the care and support that is available at The Mercy Hospital.? Moya Muldowney.

The Carey Family

Pat Carey’s light show in Youghal offered Christmas cheer every night until Christmas Eve in lieu of a charitable donation, raising ?4,041.40 for the Mercy Oncology Unit. Visitors were treated to musical performances from Br? na S?, the Holy Family Choir, and Cumann Na Daoine choir nightly, while Lidl in Youghal supported the cause by providing sweets and refreshments to visitors. ?I was an oncology patient at The Mercy University Hospital and decided that lighting my house at Christmas was a way to give something back and thanking the staff who gave me care that was second to none. I would encourage anyone who lights up their house at Christmas, and hasn?t done so for a charity before, to bear the Mercy in mind next December and consider the real difference their support could make to lives.? Pat Carey.

This wasn?t the first time either family has helped the Mercy. Moya Muldowney and Pat Carey have both been dedicated supporters of the hospital for a number of years, and combined they have raised a phenomenal ?21,252.22 in three years!
If you would like to shine a light on cancer services at the Mercy by putting on Christmas light displays next December, please contact Deirdre on (021) 4274076 or email to find out how to get involved.