Christmas Appeal

Christmas Appeal

In the moment, it went over my head but when reality hit it stopped me in my tracks and changed the way I look at everything …

This is how Séamus Wrenne describes the feeling of being given the difficult news that he had cancer. Like you, Séamus is one of our incredible supporters. He was diagnosed in 2018 with a form of leukaemia called CML, a long-term illness and has been receiving treatment under Dr Clodagh Keohane and her team at the Mercy Hospital since.

“My diagnosis came out of the blue really. When my doctor asked if I wanted to call my wife and have her come in for the results of some tests, I knew then, something more serious was going on. Still, you never think cancer will come knocking on your door until it does.”

Thanks to donors like you, we are able to support patients like Séamus through every step of their cancer journey at the Mercy.

Thanks to you, we have been able to purchase equipment to help with the early detection of cancer such as our Endoscopic Ultrasound machine.

Thanks to you, we have been able to fund vital research into colorectal and bowel cancer to develop personalised treatment for patients.

Your support will help to fund projects like our Psycho-Oncology service which provides vital emotional and mental health support to patients during their cancer journey. With Christmas being a difficult time of year for many, we want to ensure that cancer patients at the Mercy continue to have all the support they need.

By donating just €50 you could fund a Psycho-Oncology session for a patient who may be struggling with their diagnosis and let them know they are not alone.

My wife, Tania and our kids Evan and Keelin along with our extended family are what keeps me going. They have been incredible through the entire thing. Some days have been harder than others but the incredible staff at the Mercy have made the journey a little easier. I couldn’t ask for better being under Dr Clodagh Keohane and her team, they go above and beyond every time I see them.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we know that this Christmas might be a little different. Now more than ever, your support will help patients through this unimaginably difficult time.

A donation of just €50 will help us to provide the immeasurable gift of help and support to cancer patients this Christmas.

“I was lucky that my cancer was caught early enough to be managed so I didn’t want to sit around and dwell on it too much. During the first lockdown I decided to take up cycling to keep myself going and since then I’ve clocked up over 4,000 kilometres. Honestly, the best medication is being able to get out on the bike.”

Séamus decided to use his hobby to give back to the Mercy Hospital and signed up to take on our annual Fort 2 Fort Charity Cycle in October this year. With support from his friends, family and work colleagues, he raised a phenomenal €2,290 in aid of the Mercy Cancer Appeal.

“With all that the Mercy has done for me, I wanted to try and give something back and hopefully help other cancer patients too. The support and donations from people and knowing that you’re helping others gives you a real boost. I can’t thank the Mercy enough for all they have done but I hope that the amount raised might be of some help. I also hope it will encourage others to give back too.”

Without supporters like you and Séamus, we simply could not do what we do. Your generosity has already helped to change so many lives at the Mercy. Your loyal support to us each year is something we value and appreciate so much. This Christmas, in particular, your support could be simply life changing for patients at the Mercy.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas from all of us at the Mercy.

PS. At this time of year, no donation is too small. Together we can make such a difference in the lives of those with cancer this Christmas.