Christmas Appeal 2022

Christmas Appeal 2022 Mercy Hospital Cork

Christmas Appeal 2022

“The Mercy will always have a very special place in our hearts. We felt like we were at home”

Louise was the perfect two year old, a happy-go-lucky child. She passed all her milestones at her 2 and a half year check, she was bubbly, funny and kind.

“Everyone knew her! Louise was a real friendly little girl. They knew her in the butchers, they knew her in the shop, and they knew her at the school gates, she was just that kind of child. She loved to wave at everyone.” said Jean, Louise’s Mam.

Louise had been unwell for a few weeks, on and off, with what everyone thought was a vomiting bug coming up to December of 2020. When one day, overnight, one of Louise’s eyes turned inwards.

“I knew something wasn’t right, and so did our GP,” said Jean. Louise was sent to the Bons Secours, Cork, where a CT scan revealed a brain tumor, on December 8th 2020. They were rushed to Temple Street hospital that night, where a few days later surgeons performed a 10-hour surgery to safely remove what they could of the tumor.

Louise remained in Temple Street until February 2021 where she underwent intense rehab. During this time Louise had another MRI which revealed that the tumor had grown back, so Louise was transferred to Crumlin Hospital for chemotherapy.

February 2021 is when Louise first arrived to The Mercy University Hospital. Jean and James were put in contact, and almost straight away two of our incredible nurses Peg and Olga from POONS (Pediatric Oncology Outreach Nursing Service), our mobile nursing service, began visiting their home once a week to do Louise’s bloods, medication, and her dressings.

Without supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to help children like Louise or her family through cancer. By donating just €50 you can help people like them this Christmas time.

“They become your friends, your confidants. Every week they come into your home. It’s great peace of mind, and we could ask them absolutely anything about Louise.” said Jean.

Your support will help to fund projects like our Psycho-Oncology service which provides vital emotional and mental health support to patients during their cancer journey. With Christmas being a difficult time of year for many, we want to ensure that cancer patients and their families at the Mercy continue to have all the support they need.

You can help a family like Louise’s by donating just €50 and you could fund a psycho-oncology session for a patient or their family who may be struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

“They couldn’t do more for you. From the household staff to the porters, to the social workers, to the nurses and to the doctors, everyone in The Mercy and the POONS service was incredible. They know you; they know Louise, and you know they care about you”. “You feel like you’re at home.” said Jean

Louise was full of life and laughter.
She loved rainbows and unicorns.

A donation of just €50 will help us to provide the immeasurable gift of help and support to cancer patients this Christmas.

Throughout her sickness, Louise’s sparkle never, ever dulled. “She absolutely loved rainbows, she had this rainbow blanket, and it came everywhere with her. Now, every time we see a rainbow, that’s our Louise.” said Jean.

Louise fought through brain surgery, intensive rehab, 6 months of chemotherapy, and by October she was taking oral chemotherapy and being cared for by our incredible nurses at her home in Cork. Louise’s fight sadly ended on December 21st 2021, at home with her Mam, Dad and big sister Isabelle.

“Louise fought until the very end, with dignity and bravery for such a little girl. She was so young, but never let her cancer define her or break her spirit. We are so proud of her and always will be.” said Jean.

“No family member is untouched when a cancer diagnosis enters a family. It is vitally important that we can offer psychological support to patients with cancer, however it is also important that their family members are offered support when this is required. Being able to expand our services will mean we can help so many more children like Louise and her family members” – Dr Tara Houlihan, Senior Clinical Psychologist with Psycho-oncology at The Mercy University Hospital.

A donation from you could change the lives of children like Louise and her family, by giving them the support they need during the hardest and scariest moments of their lives.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas from all of us at the Mercy.

PS. At this time of year, no donation is too small. Together we can make such a difference in the lives of those with cancer this Christmas.