Become a Major Donor

Become a Major Donor to The Mercy University Hospital Cork

Become a Major Donor

How to become a Major Donor – Make a major donation to the Mercy Hospital

Becoming a major donor is an opportunity to fund a specific element of the Mercy’s work. A major donation is a one-off donation or multi-annual funding in excess of €5,000. Major donations help us to plan ahead. This means we can achieve sustainable and effective change in the hospital’s work. You can become a major donor and choose to make a one-off donation or provide funding over a number of years.

When you become a major donor you can fund projects on your own or in a group with family, friends or colleagues. We can help you find something to fund that you feel passionate about so you can make a real difference.
What kind of things could your donation do?

  • €5,000 could go towards the running of the Prostate Cancer Clinic
  • €30,000 could go towards the purchase of an Ultrasound for the Radiology Department
  • €127,000 can provide 3 life support machines for ICU

If you wish to become a major donor, find out more about giving a major donation or other fundraising initiatives please contact any of the Fundraising Team in the office on 021 4274076 or simply click here.