Contactless Donations

Mercy University Hospital Contactless Donations

Contactless Donations

Join Us in Making a Difference by using Contactless Donations! At the Mercy Hospital Foundation, we’re always looking for innovative ways to support patients and vital projects for The Mercy University Hospital Cork. As technology changes, people’s habits change. This includes how they use their phones to pay for everyday items. Contactless payments have been more and more prominent in recent years and are quickly becoming the go to method. Over the past 12 months we have begun introducing two powerful tools for making a difference: QR Codes and NFC Tags.

Contactless Donations using QR Codes:

Quick Response codes are like digital magic wands! Simply scan one with your smartphone camera or app, and it instantly takes you to a donation page. It’s as easy as taking a picture! QR Codes can be scanned by most mobile devices today, however some older models may require a QR Code Scanner App. These types of apps can be downloaded through Apple or Google Playstore if your device doesn’t already have one.

QR Code for Contactless Donations

Benefits of QR Codes:

  • Instant Accessibility: Donate with a tap of your finger.
  • No need to remember URLs or search for websites.
  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Support Mercy Hospital 24/7, from anywhere!

Contactless Donations using NFC Tags:

Near Field Communication tags work like a digital handshake. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to the tag, and it will direct you to our donation platform. No need to open apps or search the web. NFC Tags are readable by most modern phones, except older versions of the iPhone & Android. This capability can be switched on or is already set automatically if using Apple / Google Pay or depending on your settings (please see table below).

NFC Tag for Contactless Donations (Tap)

Benefits of NFC Tags:

  • Ultra-Convenient: No scanning required, just a simple tap.
  • Works offline: Even if you’re in a remote area without internet.
  • Shareable: Encourage friends and family to donate too!
  • Supports contactless payments for a seamless experience.

Your donations make a real impact on the lives of our patients and the success of our appeals. With your support, we can provide top-notch healthcare services and continue pioneering advancements in medical science.

Every contribution, big or small, brings us one step closer to our mission. Together, we can achieve wonders.

Use QR Codes and NFC Tags today to make your donation and spread the word! Share this post and let’s make a difference, one tap at a time.

Please note there is no personal data transferred during any transaction. We will not contact you unless you have requested us to do so. Your options if you do want to be contacted are email, phone and mail.

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