Danny Crowley Christmas Swim T&C

Danny Crowley Christmas Swim T&C

Terms & Conditions:


Each participant understands that the Swim does not offer personal insurance for the event and understands and agrees as following:

  • I take full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur while I am traveling to or from the event, during the event or while I am taking part in the event.
  • I must assume all risks associated with participating in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effect of weather, and conditions of the sea/where-ever I am participating.
  • I and anyone acting on my behalf waive, release and forever discharge the event organisers, sponsors, promoters, charities and all other persons associated with the event, for all my liabilities, claims, actions, or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in this event. I understand that this includes any claims, whether caused by negligence, the action or inaction of any of the above parties, or otherwise.
  • Mercy University Hospital Foundation Cork CLG strongly recommend each participant organises their own personal insurance for the event.

Your safety is of paramount importance:

  • Before registering for the Swim, you must be fit to participate in a cold-water sea swim, seeking medical advice before you do so if appropriate. You should not enter the Swim unless you are medically able and suitably prepared and trained to do so.
  • You must abide by all government guidance aimed at preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.
  • You must not take photographs or videos of other participants, their family members or children under the age of 18 without their families consent.
  • If a minor wishes to be a participant, his or her application to register must be made by his or her legal guardian.

Please ensure that you follow water safety advice:

  • When you are choosing a location to swim, you are responsible for choosing a safe place for swimming which you are familiar with. The participant is responsible for making themselves aware of the weather forecast, local wind, tides and currents. The organisers do not represent that the weather or sea at any particular swimming location will be suitable or safe for swimming between on 25th December
  • The participant should consider the following general water safety advice when participating in the swim;
    • Never go into the water alone, and ensure that you are visible from the shore.
    • Get in, get out, warm up. Get dry and warmed up afterwards. Wrap up well in extra layers of clothing.
    • Slowly acclimate to cold water to reduce the risk of cold water shock.

The organisers reserve the right to change the format, date and time of the Swim or to cancel it, in whole or in part, without notice or liability to you. We will notify participants of changes via our website and social media.