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1st May 2021 - 31st May 2021

Could you do 3,000 Sit-Ups in May and help to raise funds for patients and their families living with a Cancer Diagnosis in ‘The Mercy’?

It’s a tough challenge, but it’ll help The Mercy Hospital Foundation provide vital care, while keeping you healthy too!

By joining the Mercy “3,000 Sit-Ups in May” Challenge, you’ll be making an incredible difference to the lives of those living with a cancer diagnosis under the care of the Mercy.

To take part, please join our Facebook Group where you can find all the information and links needed to register. Join to become a part of the amazing group!

You can find our cool image for your facebook fundraiser to download here

If you have any questions, please take a look below. If you have any unanswered question, please feel free to pop them in the Facebook group so that we can all learn from your question and other may have the answers too or pop us an email on challenges@mercyhospitalfoundation.ie.

FAQs – 3,000 Sit-Ups in May                                                             

How do I take part in the Mercy Sit-Ups Challenge?

To take part in the challenge is very easy! Make sure you have joined the FB group, create a fundraiser to log your Sit-ups and set our your plan on how often and how many Sit-Ups you are doing across the month. We will send you a guide tracker in your Welcome pack but you do not have to follow this plan.

How do I make sure I have registered properly

If you have filled in the form to register for your welcome pack you will receive a email from us shortly afterwards (please note it may be longer over the weekends)
To make sure you have created your fundraiser please click here and if you can see your fundraiser you have created it!

What is in the Challenge pack?

In your welcome pack, you will get a letter from us, your cool wrist bands, your Sit-Ups tracker. Sponsorship cards are only added if requested.

Do I have to do all Sit-Ups in one go?

No, you can spread the sit-ups across the month and just do as many as you can. Some days you will do more than others. You can only do your best! We will send you a guide in your Challenge Pack, but you do not have to follow this!

How do I track my Sit-Ups?

You will find the handy tracker in your pack that you can fill in and post pictures of it. You can also use any app of your choice, or just a handy pen and paper! Whatever suits you best, as long as you post this to your fundraiser clearly!

How do I prove I have done the 3,000 Sit-Ups?

As part of the challenge registration, you will be asked to setup a Facebook fundraiser, here is where you can post your progress and any updates. These pages are linked to us and we will be able to check this for your progress.

Can I do more than 3,000 Sit-Ups?

Yes of course, 3,000 sit-ups will be a challenge for some but not everyone! If you feel you want to challenge yourself to do more you are more than welcome to do so, but we will only be tracking the 3,000!

When Will I get my Welcome pack?

After you register using the link on the Facebook Group, you will get your pack in the post shortly afterwards. We send these in bulk, so your registration date will not be the same as the postage date. Please note there are also delays with an Post so post may take longer than normal.

Is there a minimum you have to raise ?

For us to see your fundraiser and be able to track your Sit-Ups, you must just have at least one donation on your fundraiser. It does not matter if you make it or one of your friends / family

Can I get a Sponsorship card?

Of course, you can request one either on the FB group or by emailing challenges@mercyhospitalfoundation.ie. Please note if you request a sponsor card you must return it even if you do not use it.

How do I setup my fundraising page

All the links to setup a Facebook fundraising page is in the announcement section of the Facebook Group.

Do I have to create a Facebook Fundraiser?

So for us to be able to track your progress we use FB fundraisers. If you do not want to share your fundraiser with your family and friends, you can just use it to track your Sit-Ups and make a donation yourself. If you are not creating a fundraiser you will need to reach out to us at challenges@mercyhospitalfoundation.ie.

Can my family / Friends take part?

Of course, we are delighted to have more people join the team, just guide them to find the links in the Announcement section of the fundraising group just like you did and once they register we can send them their registration packs too.

Can people not on Facebook donate to my fundraiser?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow people to donate without a Facebook page. They can transfer the funds directly to you and you can donate on their behalf, or if you like you can create another fundraiser (JustGiving or iDonate) for your non Facebook Friends. Please note that only Facebook Fundraisers are being used to track Sit-Ups.

How can I return Funds?

If you just have created a fundraiser on Facebook you do not need to do anything. Facebook will automatically send the funds to us.

If you have used another 3rd party platform please make sure you have let us know before hand and we can let you know how each platform manages the funds.

For anyone who has a sponsorship Card you can choose one of the 3 options:

  • Online – using our website donation page (make sure your mention the challenge), or your Facebook Fundraiser
  • Using the Giro sent with the Sponsorship card you can lodge the funds to your local Ulster Bank.
  • Return the funds to us in the office by post. The address is:

Mercy Hospital Foundation,
4 Washington Street West,
Cork City.


1st May 2021
31st May 2021




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