Mercy Raffle

“Bringing a greater sense of dignity, confidence and motivation to patients…”


Can you imagine being bed bound for weeks and needing help to eat, drink or even read the newspaper? This is what it is like for many of the patients in our ICU who have suffered a stroke, a spinal cord injury or are suffering from an illness that restricts their movement.?

By selling raffle tickets to friends and family this year, you could help us to purchase 2 new Motorised Comfort Chairs for our ICU. These state-of-the-art chairs offer high support for patients and allow them to spend more time sitting out of their bed meaning they can eat, drink and interact with others without assistance. This also means they are less likely to develop pressure ulcers which can become extremely dangerous and painful over time.?

For a patient in our ICU, they need as much help as possible to recover and get home to their loved ones. Something as simple as new seating can really change their lives and help them to recover much quicker. If you would like to help us make this change and be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes contact Emily on 021 4223137