Jordi Murphy is the the Men’s Cancer Alliance Ambassador

Have you heard about the Men’s Cancer Alliance? It’s comprised of the Mercy Hospital Foundation in Cork, Cancer Care West in Galway, and the Mater Foundation, Dublin. The Men’s Cancer Alliance is the creator of Blue September Ireland. Irish Rugby International Jordi Murphy recently lost a friend to testicular cancer. This prompted him to raise awareness of the condition and become the new ambassador for the Men’s Cancer Alliance.

He spoke to the Irish Independent about the importance of raising awareness of men’s cancers,

“Men are very proud and often wouldn’t like to admit that there is anything wrong and if there is, they like to try and sort it out themselves. But a cancer scare is not something that the average person can look after by themselves… Getting an early diagnosis can save your life… It’s vitally important that men start changing their mindset and become more active. It is something that we all need to become more aware of.”

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