Help us to Make It Better for Patients

Our mission is ?To inspire people to support advancements in research, diagnosis, treatment and care of patients at The Mercy University Hospital? and over the next four years we aim to support many new and exciting projects. With your help and the help and support of our donors and supporters want to provide millions of euro in funding to support our Flagship Projects through our four Appeals.


CANCER APPEAL – ?2 million

Through our Cancer Appeal we want to make it better by using your donations to fund projects that will improve outcomes and experiences for patients and their families.

DIAGNOSIS: Cancer patients deserver the benefit of being diagnosed with the latest world leading technology. We will support investment into equipment and predictive medicine to deliver faster and more accurate diagnostics resulting in personalised, more effective treatment plans for cancer patients.

TREATMENT: Our funding of technology and equipment will allow our medical and surgical teams to give patients access to the very best treatment options offering world leading surgical outcomes to our cancer patients.

CLINICAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH: With the support of Research Grants from the Foundation, our Surgical and Medical teams will be able to advance new treatments for many different cancers.


We place the highest importance on patient dignity and care at the Mercy so that cancer patients feel comfortable and reassured throughout their treatment and their families feel welcomed. We are committed to funding a range of services and facilities that will improve their experiences.









The Intensive Care Unit and Operating Theatres at MUH carry out the most invasive procedures and treatments on the sickest patients in the hospital. They care for critically ill of every age fighting to regain their health.

TREATMENT: It is vital that our experienced medical teams have access to the very best equipment to give every patient the chance to recover from the disease or illness affecting them as quickly as possible. We will support their work with funding in excess of ?250,000 to provide items such as an ECHO machine for ICU, specialist TIVA anaesthetic pumps for our operating theatres and Ultrasounds to enable staff to carry out the insertion of needles and catheters into critically ill patients in our ICU.

CARE: Our values include ?Partnership? and that is why it is so important to us that whilst we are investing in state of the art equipment that those who care for critically ill patients, our nurses, are also supported.?We want to support their education so that they can be empowered to improve and grow their passion for their area of work so that they can become the champions of excellence in Intensive Care.




Through our Heart + Stroke Appeal we want to make it better for patients by focussing our efforts on Stroke prevention and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

DIAGNOSIS: Those at risk from cardiovascular disease deserve the opportunity to be screened and diagnosed early and effectively for life threatening aortic aneurysms and life changing events like a stroke. We will support investment in state of the art; non-invasive diagnostic equipment to help our doctors and medical teams to predict these events and take action to prevent them happening.




The Children?s Ward and Leukaemia Unit continue to provide treatment and care to our smallest patients and we will continue to provide the support that they deserve.

TREATMENT: We will continue to fund the POONS Mobile Nursing service; a mobile nursing service that administers treatments to children with cancer in the child?s own home. We will also continue to respond to requests to support improvements in the general ward and leukaemia unit to add to the ?500,000 worth of support we have given to them in the past 10 years, something we are very proud of.

CARE: Through our Assistance Fund we will provide support for children who require Counselling, Bereavement Therapy and Art Therapy.