The Mercy Heart Appeal

We need to raise €120,000

Heart disease is Ireland’s number one killer. Over 10,000 people lose their life every year in this country to cardiovascular disease. At The Mercy Hospital, lives are saved every day through early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring by the team in the Cardiology Department.

Please donate to The Mercy Heart Appeal

Fund a CT Diagnostic Cardio package – €80,000

In order to provide cutting edge diagnostic capabilities here at the Hospital we need to invest in a Cardio Package. With your support we can help our Cardiologists assess heart disease and plan procedures to give patients the best possible outcomes.

General improvements to the Cardiology Ward – €40,000

Patients receiving treatment at The Mercy for their heart conditions will benefit greatly for improvements such as the latest cardiac monitors as well as syringe drivers and ECG machines. We will also fund improvements in basic facilities like TV’s, DVD players, shower chairs, and comfort mattresses amongst others.

Please donate to The Mercy Heart Appeal