Where do funds raised go?

Where do Raised Funds Go - The Mercy University Hospital Foundation Cork

Where do funds raised go?

Building the future on the success of the past

Since 2007, the Mercy University Hospital Foundation (MUHF) has served as the official fundraising body for MUH. In this time, we have allocated over €14 million of donor raised funds towards projects that help to advance patient care. These funds have been used to purchase life-saving equipment, refurbish areas of the hospital, create patient support groups, fund patient information booklets, support research, provide assistance to patients who may find themselves in short-term financial difficulty due to illness and much more.

In 2022 the Foundation celebrated it’s 15th Birthday. During its 17 years of fundraising, the Foundation has made a transformative contribution to the Hospital.

Thanks to our incredible donors and supporters, in 2021, we marked our fourteenth year of raising funds for MUH by allocating €813,555 to support patients, staff, research and various projects and initiatives to ensure that patients can receive the best possible care at the Mercy.

These raised funds were spread across a range of areas from our Emergency Covid-19 Appeal to research into Colorectal cancers. Some of our highlights from 2021 include:

  • Allocated over €187,000 to oncology services particularly services on St. Therese’s Day Unit in the Lee Road Clinic.
  • More than €31,000 was allocated to the Social Work department to provide assistance to patients.
  • €25,000 was given to the Endoscopic Ultrasound Service (EUS) which helps to detect and stage some of the most common cancers in Ireland. This funding was part of a 4-year €350,000 commitment.
  • €19,758 was allocated to the Safari Unit and St Anne’s Children’s Ward to
  • support some of our youngest patients.

These are just some of the ways that the Foundation has been able to support MUH in 2021. This report will show just how much of a difference that support can really make for patients, their families and hospital staff. As healthcare in Ireland continues to change and adapt to new challenges and recover from the last two turbulent years, we are committed to supporting MUH in providing world-class care to all patients.

To see exactly how much of a difference these funds made for patients at the Mercy University Hospital, click here, to read our 2021 Impact Report.