Sometimes, it’s the small things…

Imagine spending time in hospital without a book, laptop, music, magazines etc. It’s tough. For older patients and those with visual impairments, it can be very difficult to pass their day in a hospital as a lot of the time, they don’t have the luxury of or interest in laptops, ipods and books!

CDPlayer3Patient experience is very important to us in The Mercy so when a young doctor approached Josephine Griffin, Patient Liason Officer at The Mercy, with the idea of audio books for our older patients and those with a visual impairment, she thought it was a brilliant idea. “ First port of call was to the Mercy Hospital Foundation to purchase Radio/ CD Players for the wards and a second call was made to Cork City Library who very kindly provided the Hospital with a wonderful supply of audio books. Luckily, Murphy Electrical donated the Radio/CD Player which is now being used by our older patients.

Thank you to Cork City Library for the supply of audio books and to Murphy Electrical for donating the Radio/CD Player. If you would like to make a donation to the Mercy Hospital Foundation, click here.