Teens and Young Adults Appeal

The Mercy Teens and Young Adults Appeal - Caring for the Future

Teens and Young Adults Appeal

The Mercy Teens and Young Adults Appeal – Empowering the Next Generation: Support Teens and Young Adults Battling Cancer

Our commitment to our young fighters and their families is unwavering. With your support, we can make a real difference in their lives and pave the way for a brighter future, free from the burden of cancer. Join us in the battle against this relentless adversary, and together, we will empower our young community to thrive.

Our appeal is not just about euros and cents; it’s about investing in the future of our youth, in teens and young adults and their families facing a cancer journey. With your generous donations, we aim to fund transformative projects that will reshape the landscape of care and support for these brave individuals and their families.


Every young cancer patient deserves cutting-edge technology for diagnosis. Your contributions will drive investments in state-of-the-art equipment and predictive medicine, ensuring swift and precise diagnostics. This means personalized, more effective treatment plans for our young warriors.


We’re not settling for anything less than the very best. Your support will empower our medical and surgical teams with advanced technology and equipment. This access to world-leading treatment options will lead to remarkable outcomes for our young cancer patients.

Clinical and Medical Research:

With your backing, our dedicated Surgical and Medical teams will pioneer breakthrough treatments for a variety of cancers. Your donations will be the catalyst for innovative solutions that offer hope and healing to young lives

With our Cancer Appeal, we aim to make a profound impact on the lives of our young warriors and their families. Your generous donations will fuel transformative projects designed to enhance outcomes and experiences for our young patients and their loved ones.


At The Mercy, we place the highest value on preserving the dignity and well-being of our young cancer patients. It’s imperative that they feel comfortable and reassured throughout their journey, and their families feel welcomed and supported. Your donations will fund a range of services and facilities that will significantly enhance their experiences.

The funds you generously contribute will result in life-saving improvements, including:


Thanks to our wonderful donors MUH is now one of 4 hospitals in Ireland offering this service. Our new Psycho-Oncology service is fully funded through donations and provides psychological support to patients with cancer experiencing emotions like anxiety, depression, distress and anger. In 2022 we saw over 300 patients use our Psycho-Oncology services between April and December. In order to expand this service in 2024 and to be able to help even more people we will need to raise more funds with your help.

Cancer CARE Centre

So far, with the help of many amazing supporters and donors, we have raised more than €1.5 million to establish the Mercy Cancer CARE Centre right here in the heart of Cork City, but our fundraising efforts cannot stop there, as we still have a good bit left to raise.

In 2019, we purchased a property at 9 Dyke Parade and were granted planning permission in late 2022. Dyke Parade is just around the corner from the Mercy University Hospital – about 200 meters from the front door. The current timeline for the building is to finish construction in December 2023 and be open to receive patients for psycho-oncology services in early 2024.