Face to Face Team

Face to Face Fundraiser - Mercy University Hospital Foundation

Face to Face Team

Our Face to Face team fundraise for us throughout Co. Cork and beyond. This gives people the chance to set up a regular donation to help the 100,000 patients that are treated at the Mercy every year. Thanks to the generosity of the community this campaign has proven to be extremely successful. We have been able to help even more patients at the Mercy Hospital.

Our team of Face to Face team are in the following areas this week:

Our Face to Face team will be back out from July 22nd – July 26th:

  • Glasheen
  • Greenmount
  • Deerpark
  • Kinsale Road Area

Meet our Face to Face Fundraising Team:

  • Cian Warrington
  • Alan Fru
  • Benjamin Church
  • Godwin Osieba
  • Larry Adebayo
  • Mubaraq Awobimpe
  • Niall Mullane

Why regular giving?

The promise of a regular gift is one of the most practical methods to ensure we can plan and budget for our long-term commitments. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways for us to fundraise.

How does Face to Face Fundraising work?

A Mercy Hospital representative calls to your house and if you are interested in setting up a direct debit you will fill out a short form or sign up on an iPad. We require valid names, contact details and bank information in order to identify the giver, and a signature to process the donation. Please note we do not request credit card details, only bank sort codes and account numbers. A confirmation letter is sent in advance of any payment, and regular givers have the opportunity to decide what sort of communication they would like to receive and the ability to opt out of communication if they so wish.

All the information filled in is handled securely and confidentially according to data protection law. All our representatives are fully trained. Each representative will be wearing a Mercy Hospital jacket, carrying ID and a letter of authorization from The Mercy University Hospital Foundation.

Code of practice

The Mercy Hospital Foundation has signed up to the Code of Practice for Face to Face Fundraising. The Mercy Hospital Foundation also complies with the The Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public.

How do you choose locations?

Charities work together to ensure they do not turn up at the same location on the same date, or too close-by.

Do Face to Face Fundraisers get paid?

Yes, these fundraisers working for The Mercy Hospital Foundation get paid. We have a set annual budget for this method of fundraising and costs are provided from this budget.

Why not use volunteers?

Volunteers are fantastic people and so valuable for charities. Unfortunately, it has not proved possible for most charities to rely on volunteers to work the hours required to bring in the volume of regular givers to make it a dependable source of income.

Comments and complaints

We take all comments from the public very seriously. If you have a comment or a complaint please contact us.

What can funds raised achieve?

Funds raised from monthly donors will now go to support our brand new Mercy Cancer CARE Centre where cancer patients at The Mercy will get the emotional support they need on their cancer journey through therapy and counselling sessions, as well as other areas.

The money raised so far from direct debit giving has already purchased a Halo system to treat Barrett’s Oesophagus, a cell abnormality that can lead to cancer. This ground-breaking technology uses thermal energy, or heat to destroy abnormal cells. Patients can be treated in a fraction of the time and much of their recovery can take place in the comfort of their own homes.

Would you like to sign up to be a regular giver?

To sign up online just click here or ring Christine on 021 4274076.