Tips on writing a will

  1. Find a solicitor – if you don’t already use a solicitor, friends and family can often advise you on selecting one. We strongly advise that legal advice be taken on the drafting and execution of wills.
  2. Make a list of all your assets i.e. property, car, savings, insurance policies etc. and their approximate value.
  3. Make a list of all your liabilities i.e. mortgage, other loans, overdraft, credit cards etc.
  4. Consider who you would like to look after your financial affairs (your executors) and ensure the selected persons would be willing to act in that role.
  5. Consider how you would like your assets divided (bear in mind your obligations to people who are close to you).
  6. Visit your solicitor to discuss your plans and to allow him/her to prepare your will. They should advise you in terms of the tax implications of leaving legacies to family, friends or charities. If it is something you would like to do, please consider including a gift to Mercy University Hospital Foundation.

For further information please contact Deirdre Finn, Head of Fundraising & Communications on 021 4274076 or you can also get in touch here.