Tribute Fund

Tribute Fund - Mercy University Hospital foundation Cork

Tribute Fund

Set up a Tribute Fund to honour the memory of your loved one

Celebrate the memory of a loved one and keep their memory alive by supporting the patients of the Mercy Hospital. Create a Tribute fund and you can help to raise money for vital care and equipment.

A Tribute Fund gives the opportunity for friends and family to reminisce about a loved one. Donations made to your Tribute Fund will help to ensure every patient at the Mercy is given world class care. You can also choose to support a specific area in the hospital. Through the memory of your loved one, so many lives will be saved.

How to set one up?

Setting up an online tribute fund is easy and, once it’s created, friends and family from all over the world can get involved by giving donations on special days such as birthdays or anniversaries, or take part in fundraising events.

Once your fund is created, you will be able to upload photographs and videos, share memories of your loved one and make donations. You’ll be able to invite friends and family by email or Facebook. You can support the Mercy Hospital in your loved one’s name.

If you would like to talk to us about starting a fund in you can contact us here or you can start your get started by clicking here.